Buildings assessments

Electric Press

The growth of our historic buildings service has gone hand-in-hand with the industry-wide recognition that historic buildings provide unique development opportunites.  Our building assessments or appraisals are one of our strengths and can include desk-based research, detailed architectural description and appraisal, photographic recording and measured survey depending on the requirements of the project and planning authorities.  An informed building assessment or appraisal will form the lynchpin of the successful development of a historic structure.

FAS Heritage has been involved in a wide range of projects from cinemas to castles, schools to lighthouses, and windmills to pillboxes. Our service can extend to specialist advice on the treatment of historic buildings as well as structural watching briefs once development is underway.  This holistic and flexible service will allow historic property developments to run smoothly being completed on time and on budget.

If you need any advice or more detail on this aspect of our service, please contact us.