Environmental Impact Assessments

Developments listed in Schedules 1 and 2 of the Town and Country Planning Regulations 1988 require an environmental assessment to be undertaken.  Wide ranging in content and multidisciplinary in nature, EIAs are for planning large-scale developments such as mineral extraction, renewable energy projects, roads and pipelines.  If you are assembling a team of consultants for an EIA then FAS Heritage can help.  We regularly prepare specialist cultural heritage contributions and executive summaries for Environmental Statements, drawing on our expertise in desk-based assessment and archaeological consultancy.

We have contributed to EIAs on a number of sites related to urban regeneration projects, windfarms, pipelines and quarries, requiring liaison with many different professional specialisms such as landscape architects, engineers, hydrologists, ecologists and estate managers.

If you would like to discuss what we can contribute to your project team, please contact us.